Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get started working with you on my project?

A: Initial Meeting - A Conversation or meeting to discuss design services, background information, Project and budget expectations, time frame and a basic overview of project.  Purpose is to determine feasibility of project and  if we have a good fit to move on.

Mtg. 2 - Presentation of design services in standard 'Letter Of Agreement' defining how variables on a project are handled.

Mtg. 2 - After agreeing to terms of work outlined in LOA, the project begins: We go through our questionnaire about client preferences, expectations, taste, needs, requirements, hopes, wants, etc. to better understand the project scope of work.

Mtg. 3 - We present options for project scope, time frame, schedule, process, and Fee Structure options: hourly, fixed, cost plus a%, or %per SF or a combination thereof for Your Comfort. New Personalized Fee Options Graphic Matrix Avail. to simplify the selection levels. Then, You select the process and level to which you wish to take the project to completion.
Additional meetings on conceptual, design development, and so on until completion of full extent of scope of work on project.

Q: Can you tell me how this all works?

A: We also provide you with a step by step general overview description of the design process so you will know exactly what to expect and how everything will proceed.

Q: How will I be kept informed along the way?

A: Our Secure Cloud based Design Portal Project Management Software makes it easy to keep you in the loop every step of the process via email.